Affordable Riding Lessons


Riding Lessons For All Ages

My lessons are not your typical get on  and go riding lessons. I focus deep into the mechanics of riding and how  the horses body responds to your body. I like to prepare my riders so  they can get on any horse in the future and feel confident in what they  are doing while on. My lessons entail leg pressure, shock absorbents, you will learn how to saddle and unsaddle the horse, the parts of the  horse, how to groom. I want to prepare you as if you wanted your own  horse in the future. I have 4 lessons horses I rotate through my lesson  program. All excell in different types of riding and different jobs.  They are suitable from beginners to advanced riders. Adults welcome for  lessons as well, in my eyes you are never to old to learn how to ride.  My great grandfather rode my horses at 96years old!  

Riding lessons start at just $35 an hour!

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